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Setting the conditions at t=0 for laplace transform with sage (instead of maxima)

Hallo, I am trying to calculate the laplace transform for the following differential equation with sage instead of maxima. "m'diff(x_f(t)+x_d(t),t,2)+d'diff(x_d(t),t,1)+c*x_d(t)+Fext(t)=0"

But I do not find how to set the values in sage at t=0 for the functions x_d(t) and x_f(t). Before I did set it with maxima with maxima.eval("atvalue(x_d(t), t=0, 0)$ atvalue('diff(x_d(t),t), t=0, 0)$"); maxima.eval("atvalue(x_f(t), t=0, 0)$ atvalue('diff(x_f(t),t), t=0, 0)$");

Basically, I am trying to use the sage laplace transfrom function instead of the sage-maxima function resulting in a nicer notebook without all the maxima.eval add maxima.-commands. I know that sage is using maxima for the transformation in the background.

BR Howil