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Saving my sage session into a .txt file from Interactive Shell

Hello guys, I have the following question:

Lets say i run a sage session and at the end i got this written in my Interactive Shell after the session

sage: Zmod(7)
Ring of integers modulo 7
sage: R.<x> = Zmod(7)[]
sage: R
Univariate Polynomial Ring in x over Ring of integers modulo 7
sage: RR = R.quotient(x^7 - 1)
sage: RR
Univariate Quotient Polynomial Ring in xbar over Ring of integers modulo 7 with modulus x^7 + 6
sage: f = RR(x^6-x^4+x^3+x^2-1)
sage: f
xbar^6 + 6*xbar^4 + xbar^3 + xbar^2 + 6

And now i want to save all of the above into a txt-file. Is that possible and when yes how?