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Sagetex on Windows: Using miktex and sage on virtualbox. How to make it work?


I've installed sagetex (2009-06-26) using the miktex package manager. I use Sage 6.7 on Oracle's Virtual Box, as recommended for windows users.

For me, the following code:



For example, there are
integer partitions of $1269$.


Gives this output:

For example, there are ?? integer partitions of 1269.

All the sage commands just give "??" in the latex document. I've been looking at the documentation, but it doesn't seem to be for windows.

  • Is sagetex supposed to work out of the box, just installing it on miktex and having sage installed on virtualbox?

  • If not, is there an official procedure to make it work? e.g. documentation about sagetex on windows?