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Problem with hypergeometric

A = lambda z: exp(I*pi*z)*hypergeometric([-z,1/2],[2],4).simplify_hypergeometric()
print A(1/2)

-1/2sqrt(3)assoc_legendre_p(1/2, -1, -5/3)

print (-1/2*sqrt(3)*assoc_legendre_p(1/2, -1, -5/3)).n()

name 'assoc_legendre_p' is not defined

print A(1/2).n()

TypeError: cannot evaluate symbolic expression numerically

Question: Which option do I have except to switch over to Maple?

A := z -> exp(I*Pi*z)*hypergeom([-z,1/2],[2],4):
evalf(A(1/2)); -0.3697166872 + 0.4838437556 I