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sagetex on Mac OS 10.10.2

I am encountering errors. So, I attempted to ensure that I have the right sagetex.sty file as that seems to be crucial. There was an old one somewhere in LiveTex so I updated to LiveTex 2014. Turns out that does not include any sagetex.sty. The one I have shows a creation date of March 19,2009. The error I get is "module does not have an openout method." When I look at the errors in detail it looks like a python module is automatically generated that tries to insert something into the path, and what it tries to insert is incorrect, mentioning Applications/sage instead of Applications/ (See copy of the errors at the end of this message). Now to come to the questions: (1) is this indeed fixable by getting the right version of sagetex.sty? (2) if so where do I get it?

/Applications/ in load(filename, globals, attach) 265 with open(preparse_file_named(fpath)) as f: 266 code = compile(, preparse_file_named(fpath), 'exec') --> 267 exec(code, globals) 268 else: 269 # Preparse in memory only for speed.

/Users/beeson/.sage/temp/Michaels-MacBook.local/68123/ in <module>() 7 sys.path.insert(_sage_const_0 , '/Applications/sage') 8 import sagetex ----> 9 sagetex.openout('SageTexTest')