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Modify paper size when plotting graph with LaTeX?


I have reasonably big graphs ( between 1000 and 10000 vertices) that I want to plot. After installing the dot2tex and nauty packages in Sage, I used

sage: G.set_latex_options(format='dot2tex', prog='neato')
sage: view(G)

But then, the paper format is letter and the graph is much bigger. Is there a way to tell view to use the standalone format?


PS: my curent workaround is to do

sage: latex = G._latex_()
sage: f = open("/tmp/picture.tex", "w")
sage: f.write("\\documentclass{standalone}\n")
sage: f.write("\\usepackage{tikz}\n")
sage: f.write("\\begin{document}\n")
sage: f.write(latex)
sage: f.write("\\end{document}\n")
sage: f.close()

and then compile the file /tmp/picture.tex with pdflatex.