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Dock high CPU usage after sage upgrade

Hello all,

I wanted to upgrade my sage installation on my mac book pro (running OSX 10.7.5) from the command line. After running "sage -upgrade" all the downloads and compilations went fine, but then the CPU usage of the on my MBP starts to run very high. At least 100%. At first, I could not figure out what was the source of the problem. I tried many different things related to VMWare, Shared Folders, I even started creating a new user, until I figures out that the newly installed version of sage was causing this. After I removed the sage/ folder from my /Applications folder and rebooted, everything went back to normal. Then, I wanted to try a fresh installation from the non-app sage 6.5 package, but the same problem occured. ATM, I don't have sage installed, and my mac works normally.

Have you already encountered this issue? Is there a know fix?