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Using GAP package in Sage

I would like to use this GAP package to do some computations of representations, in particular these commands. However, I want to use Sage and not GAP directly for various reasons (such as not having to switch back and forth between systems for where the computations come from).

An ideal "answer" to this question would give me

  • Instructions for how to install this package in Sage (assuming Sage's GAP is new enough, which I think it is)
  • How to get a group ring nicely with or without this package, from a given (Sage) group
  • How to use PrimitiveCentralIdempotentsByCharacterTable from within Sage with this
  • Ideally, how to apply a given representation to one of these idempotents

That's a tall order, probably, but I don't use the group theory stuff in Sage too often, so it would save me a lot of time if someone who "just knows" the syntax was able to help out. Thanks!