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Transferring 3D plots

I want to export 3D plots from Sage in some 3D format or other (NOt just a single png frame)

This script produces a jMol file for me. (I am on cloud.sagemath)

> from sage.interfaces.jmoldata import JmolData 3 sage: JData = JmolData() 4
> u,v = var('u v') 5 f_x = u 6 f_y =
> cos(1*v) 7 f_z = sin(3*v) 8
> img=parametric_plot3d([f_x, f_y, f_z],
> (u, 0, 0.6), (v, 0, 6*pi),
> color='blue', mesh=1, frame=False) 9
>'myfile.png') 10
> img.export_jmol('thisjmol') 11 img 12

The file produced is about 20K or so but if I try to open it via JMol standalone viewer I just get black.

Mind you if I try the example jmols I also get black.

My end point is to get the 3D view into a 3D package such as Blender but to start with I need to get my 3D image out of sage.

Any idea of where I am going wrong?