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Formatting Plots (list_plot)

Hi All,

Sorry if this is going to be a silly question, but being new to Sage, I am struggling to find answers. I am creating a plot using list_plot (its a zip of two lists). Actually, I have 2 plots overlaid, which works fine.

I just can't figure out how to format the plot. I want to be in control of:

  • Scales of axis (e.g. my x-axis is 0-360, but the divisions by default are in 50s. I want to show 0/90/180/270/360)
  • the divisions of th Y axis, say every 500. Can you control both major and minor ticks?
  • The linestyle of both individual plots

So I am just unsure how to do this formatting, especially with list_plot(), as all the documentation I have found is based on just plot()

Thanks in advance.