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How to import in an Ipython-Notebook on SMC?

Consider the following scenario (which I tested at SageMathCloud), with an Ipython-Notebook:

%load_ext sage
import trans

def A():
    """ Computes the factorial """
    n, f = 1, 1
    while True:
        f = f*n
        yield f
        n += 1

def binomial_trans(seq):
    """ Input : seq sequence generator """
    S = []
    n = 0
    while True:
        yield sum(binomial(n, k) * S[k] for k in (0..n))
        n += 1

f = binomial_trans(A())
print [ for _ in range(10)]

This works. Now I would like to outsource the function 'binomial_trans' in a file and compute

f = trans.binomial_trans(A())
print [ for _ in range(10)]

This does not work. The error message is: AttributeError: 'float' object has no attribute 'n'

What can I do to make the import work together with Sage in an Ipython-Notebook?