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Nice display of a list of "matrices"

In the context of graphs I have seen that it is possible to display in a very nice picture of all graphs in a certain list using for instance the following code:

sage: G = GraphQuery(display_cols=['graph6'], num_vertices=7, diameter=5)
sage: L = G.get_graphs_list()
sage: graphs_list.show_graphs(L)

The output one gets is the picture image description

I would like to get the same output display but this time using a diferent kind of objects (instead of graphs), namely matrices for the sake of this question. So, here is the question: suppose you have a list L of matrices, for example the one defined by

sage: L=[ MatrixSpace(ZZ,3).random_element() for i in [0..8]]

Is there some way to obtain a picture of the same kind than before except for replacing the graphs with the display of each one of the matrices in L?