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get graph combinatorial embedding from position of vertices

Lets say I have a graph and set positions for the veritces. Is it somehow possible to get the combinatorial embedding? I tried the following:

sage: H = Graph({0:[1,3,5,4],1:[0,2,3],2:[1,4,5],3:[0,1],4:[0,2,5],5:[0,2,4]})
sage: H.set_pos({0:[213,281],1:[93,171],2:[189,35],3:[35,315],4:[315,146],5:[197,158]})  
sage: H.get_embedding()

This gives me an ValueError: Graph on 6 vertices has been modified and the embedding is no longer valid. What I expect to get is a list like the one I used to define H, but with the neighbors ordered clockwise.