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morphism between permutation group and matrix group

I can't figure out how to create a morphism between a permutation group and a matrix group (I know this is possible because Sage uses Gap and Gap doesn't have any problem with this, I don't imagine Sage removed the Gap functionality).

 sage: flip = PermutationGroupElement("(1,2)")
 sage: g = PermutationGroup([flip])
 sage: flop = Matrix(GF(3), 1, 1, [2])
 sage: k = MatrixGroup([flop])
 sage: g.order()
 sage: k.order()
 sage: g.hom([flop])
 <snip useless error message>
 sage: k.hom([flip])
 <snip another useless error message>

How can I construct the homomorphisms from g to k and k to g sending flip to flop and vice versa? (Maybe the problem is that Sage thinks g and k are a "permutation group" and "matrix group" respectively: if so, how can I get the underlying groups?)