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lcm and gcd of polynomials over the irrationals

Dear all,

I want to calculate the least common multiple of a list of polynomials with coefficients defined over RR or RDF in SAGE. Is it possible?

sage: R.<s> = PolynomialRing(RDF); R
Univariate Polynomial Ring in s over Real Double Field
sage: H = matrix(1,2, [(s+5)**2, s]); H
[s^2 + 10.0*s + 25.0                   s]
sage: lcm(H[0,0], H[0,1])
TypeError: Singular error:
   ? not implemented
   ? error occurred in or before poly.lib::lcm line 852: `           q=gcd(p,i[k]);`
   ? leaving poly.lib::lcm
   skipping text from `;` error at token `)`

Thanks in advance!