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asked 2013-10-24 05:37:58 -0600

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typeset large matrix

I've got a matrix. It is only 5×5 elements, but the entries themselves are pretty large polynomials. I'd like to see them in a typeset fashion, with scrolling instead of line breaks since line breaks break the visual structure. However, the notebook won't display the whole output but truncate it instead. And the full_output.txt won't get typeset.

I've read in the sage-support archive that at least 2009 the only way to increase the truncation limit requires rebuilding sage. Not a thing to look forward to. But perhaps things have changed, and there is a way to raise the limit without recompiling these days. Or there is a way to typeset full_output.txt. Or there is some fancy external matrix viewer to browse large data in a simple way. Or something to call latex from the notebook and open the resulting PDF in the browser. Anything like this?