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Using `SimplicalComplex` on a set of sets

Say I have something like this:

[{{1,2},{2,3}} , {{1,2},{3,4}}]

So I have a list of sets consisting of subsets of $1,2,...,n\space$ (in general the lists I am interested in are longer). I get these by using Subset(X,n). Now I want to look at the simplicial complex with facets {1,2},{2,3} and then the simplical complex with facets {1,3},{3,6} and so on.

Now the SimplicialComplex command only works for lists like so:

SimplicialComplex([[0,1], [1,2], [0,2]])

See here for more info on finite simplical complexes in sage.

My question is: what is the best way to go from my set of sets to a list of lists?

More generally what is the best way to deal the fact that most enumerative combinatorics I can do in sage gives me sets but for SimplicialComplex I need lists?