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Securing a Sage Server

Hi Folks:

I am looking for a procedure on how to secure a Sage server and could use some expertise.

I built a Sage server based on the instructions provided in the Wiki article, Setting Up a Sage Server (Sage 5.9 on Ubuntu Server 12.04.2). I've disabled self registration and add users through the command line so that accounts and passwords can be distributed to those who need access prior to their initial sign in. My understanding is that when users login, passwords are sent in the clear using the default configuration. Since I'd like students to have access outside of school, securing the Sage server would be a prudent step.

I'm using HAProxy as the reverse proxy server and would like to secure the user logins using SSL. I've been searching the web to find some guides but with limited success. Does anyone know of any websites that I could use as reference or have a procedure that would help walk through the process of preparing OpenSSL, setting up HAProxy, and configuring Sage?

I'm building this so students at our school can use this in their classes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Have a GREAT DAY!!