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Problem getting indices to sync up

I'm not sure what is wrong with the following code:

# given a prime p, return all A_n representations of dimension = p^2
def rankrep(p):
    bound = p**2
    A = lambda i: WeylCharacterRing("A{0}".format(i), style = "coroots")
    deg = []
    for i in xrange(bound):
        fw = A(i+1).fundamental_weights()
        temp = A(i+1)
        for j in range(len(fw)):
    return deg

But when I run it, it is unable to return anything, and tells me Keyval Error 0. Should I not be using append here?

I eventually hope to insert some if trees testing whether a given temp(fw[j].degree() == p**2, but I'm not sure how to pull those indices either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards.