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Problem using GAP


I'm starting to use the GAP package/software with the follow commands to define a simple finite group:

gap> f := FreeGroup("x");

<free group="" on="" the="" generators="" [="" x="" ]&gt;<="" p="">

gap> AssignGeneratorVariables(f);

I Assigned the global variables [ x ]

gap> x^5 * x^-7;


gap> g := f/[x^5];

<fp group="" on="" the="" generators="" [x]&gt;<="" p="">

gap> AssignGeneratorVariables(g);

I Global Variable ‘x’ already defined and will be overwritten I Assigned the global variables [ x ]

gap> Size(g);


gap> List(g);

Here is the problem, I should get:

[ identity ..., x, x^2, x^3, x^4 ]

but instead, I got:

[ identity ..., x, x^-1, x^2, x^-2 ]

1) What am I doing wrong, please?

Also, the command:

gap> MultTable(g);

Error, Variable: 'MultTable' must have a value not in any function at line 8 of stdin

Can someone please help with that? I have a lot of ideas on Group / Abstract Algebra but despite I use/read the GAP manual I can't create a simple multiplication table.

Any hint/help will be appreciate.

Thank you in advance.