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I have conducted an experiment in obtaining the horizontal and vertical airflow velocity for a pitot tube. Results have been taken in increments of 5Hz to 40Hz. The pitot tube has been inserted at 6 different sampling distances (both horizontally and vertically).

My question:

Using the sampling distances and velocities obtained at different frequencies, how do I represent the airflow using a contour color plot?

I have GNUPLOT and Originlab available and only intend on using one of these packages.

Thank you.

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Are you sure this is related to sage? You can make a contour plot of velocities as a function of sampling distances and frequencies in sage, but is uses matplotlib by default not gnuplot or Originlab.

Shashank gravatar imageShashank ( 2012-08-17 17:26:36 +0200 )edit

You should learn how to use the packages you mention if that's your intent. This is a forum for questions about Sage.

benjaminfjones gravatar imagebenjaminfjones ( 2012-08-17 22:27:59 +0200 )edit