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How to share files across worksheets ?

asked 2011-06-02 00:27:23 -0600

Pedro gravatar image

updated 2011-06-16 08:24:46 -0600

Kelvin Li gravatar image

I want that code in several worksheets, from the same user, work over the same files. The DATA variable works only for the worksheet that uses it in a cell.

More, inside a new package: how to produce a path to that common directory over all worksheets of an user ?

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answered 2011-06-03 02:18:48 -0600

kcrisman gravatar image

updated 2011-06-09 08:43:12 -0600

This isn't possible with DATA, as you mention, unfortunately.

But there is the following workaround if you have permissions on your computer (for instance). I don't know whether this would work on a server, though presumably it might if you chmod the file in question appropriately?

Suppose you have a file you want to use at /Users/myusername/Downloads/List3000.sobj. Then

L = load('/Users/myusername/Downloads/List3000')

works in the notebook. I don't see any reason that as many worksheets as possible couldn't do that. You would need the full path, though.

The reason this works is because DATA just gives a full path as a string too:

sage: DATA


However, you can make a file accessible to other worksheets that you own by going to the Data dropdown menu, choosing the file, and then doing "create a linked copy to the worksheet" and choosing a worksheet. I don't know if this would help with your case or not.

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