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Is there a way to save the object returned by Rbf?

asked 2011-05-05 01:36:01 +0100

Shashank gravatar image

I am trying to use Rbf from scipy to interpolate scattered data. Is there a way to save the returned object (the function returned by Rbf command) rather than constructing the Rbf everytime I run the program. I saw this comment in

attach anything left in kwargs to self for use by any user-callable function or to save on the object returned.

But I am not sure how to use it or whether it is actually what I am trying to do.

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answered 2011-05-05 06:09:37 +0100

Shashank gravatar image

Sorry about not googling enough before posting the question. There is something called a "pickle" to do this.

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Asked: 2011-05-05 01:36:01 +0100

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