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interface with mathematica in notebook

asked 2010-11-29 17:06:42 +0200

Shashank gravatar image

I am transitioning from mathematica to sage. I tried running mathematica commands in the console and they work just fine as mentioned in the sage documentation. However, when I try to call mathematica from notebook it takes forever and nothing happens. It there anything more than having the 'math' command in PATH I need to do to get mathematica working in notebook. I am trying this on a OSX. Does that cause any problems?

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answered 2013-09-13 18:21:46 +0200

Jeremy gravatar image

I know this post is old, but I just had this same problem, and managed to fix it!

Ok, so you correctly made the math unix executable which adds math to your path, right? And the command "math" works in the terminal, right? Great. Now, by putting a copy of that file in the <sage root="">/local/bin, it should work.

Here's how to find where to put it:
1. Run a sage session in terminal. You can go to sage -> terminal session up at the top.
2. In the terminal, above the box with the version and everything, you'll see the path to the sage executable. Go find that in finder. 3. In that location, there should be a folder "local". Inside that should be a folder "bin" 4. Copy and paste the math script in there, and you should be all set!

Hope it helps, if anyone stumbles across this 3 year old thread like I did.

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Asked: 2010-11-29 17:06:42 +0200

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