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Automated assessment of exercises in Jupyter with Sage

asked 2024-05-24 13:08:58 +0200

Wuffi gravatar image

Hello everybody out ther using Sage,

Many of us are involved in and enjoy teaching math.
Active exercises are very helpful to get students involved.
Automated, instantaneous evaluation of answers would offer advantages over manual correction of exercises.
This is however not trivial, because it requires identifying the equivalence of mathematical (numerical and algebraic) expressions like for example 1/2*x*x, 0.5x^2, 0.500*sqrt(x^4)

Solutions include Universtiy of Rochester's Webwork, the "STACK" plugin for Moodle (by Chris Sangwin, who has extensive experience in computer aided assessment of math; MAXIMA-based) or "NUMBAS".

Using Sage within Jupyter to automatically evaluate answers to exercises seems a natural, simpler and yet more powerful alternative to me, but the closest approach I found was the nbgrader add-on/plugin for Jupyter.

Is it possible use nbgrader or any other way to evaluate entered mathematical expressions for automated assessment?

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answered 2024-05-25 10:13:21 +0200

rburing gravatar image

I haven't used it myself, but CoCalc has a custom reimplementation of nbgrader:

See also CoCalc Manual / Instructor Guide.

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