Help to find a solution to install a new package for Docker SageMath distribution

asked 2023-06-02 15:41:54 +0200

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updated 2023-06-02 17:49:10 +0200

Is there somebody who can explain what the doc don't. Since the migration to Docker installation of new package is particularly undocumented. Fo instance, if I read the doc on game theory, I can see that I can install lrs the package of Avis. So I have tried from inside Jupyter pip install lrs and it seems to work. But

A = matrix([[0, -1, 1],[1, 0, -1],[-1, 1, 0]])
show(LatexExpr(r'\text{Le jeux de Pierre-Feuille-Ciseaux sous forme normale est représenté par les deux matrices : }'),pfc)

return FeatureNotPresentError: lrs is not available. Then it says

o install lrs using the debian package manager, you can try to run: !sudo apt-get update !sudo apt-get install lrslib To install lrs using the Sage package manager, you can try to run: !sage -i lrslib No equivalent system packages for pip are known to Sage. Further installation instructions might be available at

But sudo is not install in the container and the sage package manager seems accessible only in command line. So I have open the terminal wich is in Jupyter. But it do not find it. Is there some body who can explain how to install new package or extension to Jupyter for Docker distribution. Or tels me who must be contacted to solve this problem.

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