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Manifold not defined

asked 2022-08-28 21:52:55 +0200

murraye gravatar image

Using SageMath-9.6 (v1.4.2 for arm64) under macOS 12.5.1, in a new notebook I evaluated:

Manifold(2, 'M')

and get error:

NameError Traceback (most recent call last) /var/folders/r2/v_ly_rjj6_v1qpzx4kqy_mqr0000gn/T/ipykernel_37595/ in <module> ----> 1 Manifold(2, 'M')

NameError: name 'Manifold' is not defined

According to the docs at, "all SageManifolds code is included in SageMath..."

What's wrong?

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answered 2022-08-28 22:02:29 +0200

Sébastien gravatar image

Maybe you created the notebook with kernel "Python" not kernel "SageMath"? If so, you can change the kernel in the menu. If so, I also advise you to do the "User Interface Tour" from the help menu.

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D'uh. sorry, silly error: I should have known better! Thank you.

murraye gravatar imagemurraye ( 2022-08-28 22:37:04 +0200 )edit

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