in qepcad, string formula does not work with the 'any-point' solution type

asked 2022-06-07 22:29:50 +0100

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This is a bug report, please point me to another place, if there is a better one for bug reports.

qepcad command allows for string formula input in the QEPCAD native format, but if in this case the solution argument equals any-point, the command fails with the error Attempting to quantify variable which does not occur in formula

# the following works, the formula is constructed with the qepcad_formula builder
print(qepcad(qepcad_formula.implies(a > 0, a > 1)))
print(qepcad(qepcad_formula.implies(a > 0, a > 1), solution='any-point'))

# the following line works, solution is not 'any-point'
print(qepcad("[a > 0 ==> a > 1]", vars='a'))
# the next line does not work
print(qepcad("[a > 0 ==> a > 1]", vars='a', solution='any-point'))

The reason for the error is obvious from the source code. If solution is 'any-point', the formula is passed to the Qepcad initializer, that interprets the string as a variable name, but not as a formula.

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I run code at SageMath version 9.6, Release Date: 2022-05-15, Using Python 3.10.3.

iposov gravatar imageiposov ( 2022-06-07 23:44:11 +0100 )edit