Why are there two different options for Sage in Jupyter's "New" menu?

asked 2021-09-03 09:26:12 +0200

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updated 2021-09-03 19:13:58 +0200

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When I open a Jupyter Session and klick on >>New<< in the upper right corner, I get offered 3 options:

  1. Python 3
  2. Sage 9.3
  3. SageMath 9.3

Is there any difference between the second and third alternative? I'm on MacOS 10.15.7 (still, yes, I have reasons ...) and am using the App Version of SageMath.

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Do you have another Sage installation that it could be picking up?

John Palmieri gravatar imageJohn Palmieri ( 2021-09-03 19:37:40 +0200 )edit

You could open one notebook with each of those kernels, and run print(SAGE_ROOT) in each to see what Sage installation each of them points to.

slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-09-06 09:38:00 +0200 )edit