implicit_plot3d not rendering in Jupyter Lab [closed]

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I'm unable to see any 3D plots in Jupyter Lab. I have tried forcing viewer="threejs"in the argument of a similar object, and have the same issue. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like: Any suggestions?

Edit: I'm running Ubuntu 20.10.

Update: I'm able to plot in Jupyter Notebook, so it's probably an issue with Jupyter Lab.

Update: forcing viewer = "java3d",viewer = "canvas3d", viewer = "jsmol" doesn't work either.

Update: I ran sage -n jupyterlab in the terminal. Everything seems to work fine until this:

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:07.428 LabApp] Could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:10.621 ServerApp] 404 GET /nbextensions/threejs/build/three.min.js ( 19.83ms referer=http://localhost:8889/lab/tree/Jupyter/mcs_320/2-24.ipynb

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:10.624 ServerApp] 404 GET /nbextensions/threejs/examples/js/controls/OrbitControls.js ( 2.01ms referer=http://localhost:8889/lab/tree/Jupyter/mcs_320/2-24.ipynb

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:10.686 ServerApp] 404 GET /nbextensions/threejs/examples/js/controls/OrbitControls.js ( 2.08ms referer=http://localhost:8889/lab/tree/Jupyter/mcs_320/2-24.ipynb

[I 2021-02-24 23:09:10.815 ServerApp] Kernel started: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:24.167 ServerApp] 404 GET /nbextensions/threejs/build/three.min.js ( 1.86ms referer=http://localhost:8889/lab/tree/Jupyter/mcs_320/2-24.ipynb

[W 2021-02-24 23:09:24.170 ServerApp] 404 GET /nbextensions/threejs/examples/js/controls/OrbitControls.js ( 1.88ms referer=http://localhost:8889/lab/tree/Jupyter/mcs_320/2-24.ipynb

[I 2021-02-24 23:10:30.056 ServerApp] Kernel shutdown: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Update: Forcing viewer = "tachyon" works, but is not interactive.

Update: There must have been something wrong with how I installed Sage. I reinstalled using Anaconda and it works fine now.

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Does it only fail to render in dark mode? Or does it fail even out of dark mode?

slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-02-25 00:09:14 +0100 )edit

I just checked. It doesn't render in Light Mode either.

Something I didn't notice is that the info button in the lower right hand corner appears in both modes.

dfarmi2 gravatar imagedfarmi2 ( 2021-02-25 00:12:40 +0100 )edit