problems with working directory

asked 2020-06-27 21:26:54 +0100

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I am a mac user and use Sage pretty much from the command line only and for that reason I have a symbolic link from ~/bin/sage to the sage executable in the .app folder for sage. This has always worked fine for me. However, with Sagemath 9.1 and Catalina there seem to be a few problems. The main one is that I have to call on sage while in my root directory. If not, I get the error message "[SageTerminalApp] ERROR | Current working directory doesn't exist." and sage does not start. I already "unquarantined" the .app folder under applications and I also gave the .app full access to all files (per various suggestions on the internet), but neither solved the problem. What might the problem be? I suspect that my other problems are related to this issue, so I will hold off on those. However, I should perhaps mention that I do not seem to be able to read in files using load() either (even for files in my root directory).
Thanks, Eisso

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