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weyl, symmetrize and antisymmetrize functions provide error

asked 2020-04-02 13:01:45 +0100

gvretina gravatar image

So I am running the Simon-Mars tensor and Kerr spacetime example ipynb without changing anything, and I found that the weyl, symmetrize and antisymmetrize functions are not able to run. The error is the following with a lot of text above it providing the path it took to conclude that it is the specified error.

TypeError: expected str, NoneType found

I am guessing something changed from version 7.5.1 which I see in the pdf of the example where these functions worked well and they are not running now, or I am doing something wrong even though all I do is Kernel > Restart and Run All. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answered 2020-04-02 14:10:43 +0100

eric_g gravatar image

updated 2020-04-02 18:32:55 +0100

I've just run the Simon-Mars tensor and Kerr spacetime notebook from the SageManifolds page with the latest stable version of SageMath (9.0). Everything is fine. Which version of SageMath are you using?

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Running sage -v on my terminal gives:

SageMath version 8.8, Release Date: 2019-06-26

I will see to updating my version and will try it again. Thank you for the prompt reply.

gvretina gravatar imagegvretina ( 2020-04-03 16:44:42 +0100 )edit

Will wait for the pre-built binaries for fedora 30, but I used the CoCalc which is on version 8.9 and it all worked fine. Thank you.

gvretina gravatar imagegvretina ( 2020-04-03 17:45:55 +0100 )edit

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