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Differential forms and tensors

asked 2012-09-05 15:48:24 +0200

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updated 2017-08-01 12:00:36 +0200

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Dear all,

A long time ago I was trying to implement a SAGE code for working with Differential Forms with values in a certain Lie algebra, but due to my lack of programming knowledge, I couldn't.

This kind of objects are important for working with non-Abelin gauge theories.


Is it possible to define and work with those objects?

So far there is no reference of it in the manual.

Thank you!

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It is possible, of course, its just a matter of figuring out how to do it. The specific algebras you are interested are fairly special. AFAIK these are not implemented in Sage and implementation of tensor algebras is not very deep. I would like to see someone who has experience developing algebraic computations by extending existing Sage classes and using the categories and coercion framework write a tutorial on this.

benjaminfjones gravatar imagebenjaminfjones ( 2012-09-05 16:19:20 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-05-19 16:03:45 +0200

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You should have a look at SageManifolds external package:

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