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Internal server error

asked 2019-09-15 22:22:14 +0200

ortollj gravatar image

updated 2019-09-15 22:26:52 +0200


tired of getting this damned : Internal server error system error log is recorded, error will be fixed as soon as possible please report the error to the site administrators

when I try to ask a question on

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this below is the question which produce the error

title:sage cell difference between Permanent and short link

Hi what is the difference on sage cell between Permalink and Short temporary link does it mean that Short temporary link will be able to be used only a short period of time as its name suggests ?

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-15 22:31:25 +0200 )edit

no in fact the error is produced by a part of text that I can't write here !!!

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-15 22:52:11 +0200 )edit

I try to put the forbiden text in response: no it does not work too !!!

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-15 22:53:31 +0200 )edit

trying to add few underscore around:

P_ermal_ink is not usable in Y_outube comment, there are characters that are not accepted for a l_ink and the l_ink's length is in_sane .

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-15 22:56:50 +0200 )edit

yes it is ok with the underscores added ;-) please can someone try to removes all the _ in the text above and write it in a comment below? to see if the problem comes from my pc or my account.

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-15 22:57:27 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-09-16 10:45:47 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

updated 2019-09-16 10:47:24 +0200

Indeed, the word 'youtube' is part of the list of words to be rejected without moderation. We have had a lot of spam some years ago, which caused a temporary shutdown of and we had to migrate from WU to OSU to be able to restart the service. We set up a lot of antispam measures in order to be flooded anymore. This keyword-list is one of them. The most powerfull is definitely the firewall we set up. Also, currently, every newcomer has her first post moderated. It is hard to know whether this list blocks more spammers than regular users.

Let me remove the word 'youtube' from the list, and we will see...

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Thank you tmonteil.

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2019-09-16 11:25:46 +0200 )edit

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