Animated Plots Not Working on Windows 10 (Image Magick)

asked 2018-05-22 13:20:59 +0200

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updated 2018-05-22 22:25:03 +0200

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I've looked up the following documentation: and tried to use the first example after installing ImageMagick.

However when I run the script, I get nothing, and when I look in the terminal I only see "Invalid Parameter - Background Image".

I tried reinstalling ImageMagick and this time tick all the boxes, not just the default ones, and when I run the command again I get a longer message "convert.exe: unable to open image (...)", similar to what was signaled here:

I'm running SageMath8.2 on Windows 10. How can I fix this ? If the problem is that SageMath cannot find the correct paths to ImageMagick, how can I fix that ?

Thank you very much, Turiel.

PS: I also get this message in the Notebook when I tried to run the command for the first time, it disappears when I run it again:

/opt/sagemath-8.2/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sage/repl/rich_output/ RichReprWarning: Exception in _rich_repr_ while displaying object: Error: Cannot generate GIF animation. Verify that convert (ImageMagick) or ffmpeg is installed, and that the objects passed to the animate command can be saved in PNG image format.

See and for more information. RichReprWarning,

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