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@interact : Fix the default rendering

asked 2018-01-18 16:45:46 +0200

Boston gravatar image

updated 2018-01-18 21:06:30 +0200

eric_g gravatar image

I have created the following interact.

It plots the partial sums of a series up to N, et prints out the last one.

The default rendering yields a DeprecationWarning and does not show the partial sum value. When you update the data, the rendering is fine.

How can I fix this?

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answered 2018-01-19 05:08:29 +0200

kcrisman gravatar image

updated 2018-01-19 05:08:54 +0200

Deprecation warnings are not errors, and so show only once per session by default.

The problem is a(n0). Since you only specify it as an expression and not a function, in principle there could have been other variables (e.g. a(n0)+n1-n1) involved. There have been long discussions about this among the developers, but quite some time ago it was decided that one must have the variable.

If you are sure you will always have x as the variable, then you can just add the first line here


and all should be well. Partial sums are fun, hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks kcrisman!

Boston gravatar imageBoston ( 2018-01-19 21:11:30 +0200 )edit

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