How to make a program for rubik's cube?

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Hello, I'm working on a rubik's cube project. I want to make a program: 1/ enter a permutation of the Cube Group 2/ enter the position of one of the 8 vertexes of the cube 3/ get the new position of the vertex. Here are the name of the positions (notations of Singmaster): one= 8,25,19 two= 6,17,11
three= 1,9,35 four= 3,33,27 five= 43,24,30 six= 41,16,22 seven= 46,40,14
height= 48,32,38.

For example, I choose the vertex which is on the position one: 8, 25, 19 and I choose the permutation U (Up). After the permutation, the vertex will be on the position two: 6, 17, 11.

My problem is: 1/ to find a code for the 8 possible positions of the vertexes. 2/ to make the program understanding that I want him to give me the the new position of the vertex after the permutation.

Thank you for your help!

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