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Latex name of generators of number fields extending other number field

asked 2015-12-01 07:24:09 +0200

Stepan gravatar image

If I run this code

G.<alpha> = NumberField(x^2-2,latex_name='alpharedefined')
print latex(alpha) #show(alpha)
P.<t> = G[]
H.<beta> = NumberField(t^4-alpha,latex_name='betaredefined')
print latex(beta) #show(beta)

I don't get the latex name of beta redefined. It works for alpha ... Anyone can see where the problem is?

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answered 2015-12-01 17:26:31 +0200

Francis Clarke gravatar image

The problem is caused in the first place by a mistake in NumberFieldFactory. In line 610 of sage/rings/number_field/ 6.9), the latex_namedoesn't get passed on to the extension method of the base field.

Unfortunately, you cannot get round this by using extension directly; in this case:

sage: G.<alpha> = NumberField(x^2 - 2, latex_name='alpharedefined')
sage: print latex(alpha), G.latex_variable_name()
alpharedefined alpharedefined
sage: P.<t> = G[]
sage: H.<beta> = G.extension(t^4 - alpha, latex_name='betaredefined')
sage: print latex(beta), print H1.latex_variable_name()
\beta betaredefined

The inconsistencies here indicate that there are other things that need correcting in this part of the code.

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This is now trac ticket 19657

Francis Clarke gravatar imageFrancis Clarke ( 2015-12-02 10:11:52 +0200 )edit

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