SageMathCloud Clickable Interact Doesn't Work

asked 2015-09-03 07:57:06 +0200

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updated 2015-09-18 08:59:03 +0200

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I'm trying to run the sample clickable interact given by William Stein at, but nothing happens when I click on the image. The code is

def f0(fun=x*sin(x^2), mousemove='', click='(0,0)'):
    click = sage_eval(click)
    g = plot(fun, (x,0,5), zorder=0) + point(click, color='red', pointsize=100, zorder=10)
    ymax = g.ymax(); ymin = g.ymin()
    m = fun.derivative(x)(x=click[0])
    b =  fun(x=click[0]) - m*click[0]
    g += plot(m*x + b, (click[0]-1,click[0]+1), color='red', zorder=10)
    def h(p):
        f0.mousemove = p
    def c(p):
    show(g, events={'click':c, 'mousemove':h}, svg=True, gridlines='major', ymin=ymin, ymax=ymax)

Also, what is p in this code? Is there any documentation on clickable interacts in SMC?

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