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define new vector

asked 2015-03-16 03:15:30 +0200

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hi i'm new in sage , I have two vectors


i want to create a third one which is parallel with v1 and also the scalar product of v2 and v3 is equal to 1440



i want to get something like this: [x= , y= , z= ]
but the result: []

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answered 2015-03-16 09:32:08 +0200

nbruin gravatar image

Vectors with symbolic entries are not themselves "symbolic", so you can't put them in places where symbolic equations are expected:

sage: v2.cross_product(v3)==0

You can work around that, though:

sage: solve(v2.cross_product(v3).list() + [v1.dot_product(v3)==1440],x,y,z)
[[x == -324, y == -144, z == 216]]
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Asked: 2015-03-16 03:15:30 +0200

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