Polar plot by points? (i.e. polar_line?)

asked 2015-03-06 13:45:48 +0100

Eugene gravatar image


If one operates in cartesian coordinates and has a function, he can plot it using plot. If it is a data points one can consider using line function. Accordingly, if we operate in polar coordinates, for the function plotting we have polar_plot, but what if we have only data points and we need them to be plotted in polar axes? Like, if we have an array of $[\phi_i, r_i]$.

I didn't find anything appropriate (tried polar_line and line(polar=True)) so I wrote:

def polar_line(polar_points, **kwds):
    return line([(r * cos(phi), r * sin(phi)) for r, phi in polar_points], **kwds)

I am wondering is there anything default in sage for plotting in polar axes by data points?

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