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asked 2014-12-09 17:45:56 +0100

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Hi, I've got this long equation:

F_zr == (F_xcp_fcxp_rcyp_rcz + c_N_xp_fcxp_rcx - c_N_yp_fcxp_rcy+ (p_fcxp_rcx - p_rcx^2)F_ycp_rcz + c_N_zp_rcxp_rcz - (F_xcp_rcxp_rcyp_rcz + c_N_xp_rcx^2 - c_N_yp_rcxp_rcy +c_N_zp_rcxp_rcz)cos(delta(t)) - (F_ycp_rcxp_rcyp_rcz -c_N_zp_rcyp_rcz)sin(delta(t)))/((p_fcxp_rcx -p_rcx^2)p_rcycos(delta(t)) - (p_fcx^2 - p_fcxp_rcx)p_rcy)

I tried doing simplify_full() but the output is not simple at all. I read about using ._mathematica_().FullSimplify() but it says permission denied.

How can I really simplify it?

Thank you.

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