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sage and canopy

asked 2014-08-20 19:21:58 +0200

JavierGP gravatar image

Hi Guys, I'm very newbie to python, and I want to use sage with canopy in my windows machine, so I can use libraries like xlrd , xlwt and geographic libs and tools to surveying applications, can I do that? Can somebody tell me how to use external python libraries in SAGE ?? (in windows environment or it's another way?)

Thanks in Advance Best Regards

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answered 2014-08-20 19:52:50 +0200

slelievre gravatar image

Under Windows, you can either use Sage in a virtual machine (running Linux), or compile it in Cygwin.

Read more about the Cygwin64 port or the Cygwin port or see this recent Cygwin thread on sage-devel.

To use Sage in combination with external Python libraries, use the Python that comes with Sage. Under Linux or Mac OS X, this is done by running sage -python, not sure how this works under Windows. Install your libraries for that Python. Then, running that Python, import what you need from your external libraries and from the Sage library. Or just run Sage and import what you need from your external libraries.

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