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large table

asked 2013-08-23 04:37:19 -0600

abc gravatar image

updated 2013-08-23 04:59:56 -0600

vdelecroix gravatar image

If I try to print large table in the notebook with too many columns then each row is split into various lines. For example in the output of

table([['z' for j in range(num_column)] for k in range(10)])

with num_column larger then 18, the rows are split. (it is not the case if I use for example html(table(...)).

Is it possible to visualize correctly tables with many columns with the standard table command?

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answered 2013-08-23 12:59:35 -0600

ppurka gravatar image

Click on the left of the output to get the full unwrapped output.

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Asked: 2013-08-23 04:37:19 -0600

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