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sage terminal colors

asked 2013-04-24 14:17:36 +0200

kjlvcxzoiperwq gravatar image

updated 2015-01-14 11:46:53 +0200

FrédéricC gravatar image

I just upgraded from sage version 4.8 to version 5.8. I was pleasantly surprised to see colouring of the text similar to ipython does. However, sage seems to be defaulting to colours geared towards white background and black text. I have a black background and white text. The default colour scheme is very hard to read and I can't figure out how to change it. I did find this web page ( but following the instructions in it does not work and my sage colour scheme is always that of figure 3 on the link, but my system terminal settings have a black background and white text. Although I would prefer the right colour scheme, the old pure black and white would be better than what I have now. How can I change the sage terminal colours to something more readable? I don't want to change my default system terminal settings.

I can type "%colors Linux" once I launch sage and it does then give me the colour scheme that I want, but I can't get the scheme to persist from session to session.

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answered 2013-04-24 14:46:31 +0200

fidbc gravatar image

You can try adding the line

%colors Linux

to the file $HOME/.sage/init.sage, that will make sage execute that command automatically at startup (taken from the sage FAQ).

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That worked. The file init.sage didn't exist so I had to create it myself.

kjlvcxzoiperwq gravatar imagekjlvcxzoiperwq ( 2013-04-24 14:52:43 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-12-16 18:15:42 +0200

Sébastien gravatar image

Open the file profile_default/ inside the folder given by the command sage -ipython locate (if you do not have this file, sage -ipython profile create creates it). In that file, uncommenting the following line will set the default color properly:

# Set the color scheme (NoColor, Neutral, Linux, or LightBG).
c.InteractiveShell.colors = 'Linux'     # Linux is for dark background
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This has an advantage over adding %colors Linux to one's init.sage file:

  • loading one's init.sage file in a Jupyter sheet with


    results in an error if it contains any IPython line magic such as %colors Linux.

I realised this while trying to answer

slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-05-14 19:47:30 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-12-13 09:09:40 +0200

Daniel Krenn gravatar image

FYI, %colors offers NoColor, Linux and LightBG.

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Is it possible to customize the schemes?

nsirolli gravatar imagensirolli ( 2017-01-12 19:51:02 +0200 )edit

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