Cells Not Evaluating

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After working in the notebook for a while, a certain issue consistently arises. I'll attempt to evaluate a cell, it won't respond to the first command, I'll try it again, and then it will perform and return nothing and move onto the next cell. Sometimes I can get it to respond afterwards, but most of the time I'll have to log in and out of my account multiple times to get any of the cells to work again.

I've experienced this error on three different computers (all Windows) and on two different browsers, both on the online version and the VirtualBox download, and I've even tried creating a new account without any resolution.

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Can you please post an example of something that hangs? Also, have you tried "Interrupt" or "Restart Worksheet" in the Actions menu?

jaia gravatar imagejaia ( 2013-04-14 20:33:09 +0100 )edit