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You first define the quaternion group Q using the QuaternionGroup constructor. You then define the group G that you want to check for a subgroup isomorphic to Q, which in this case is the dihedral group of order 12, for example.

You then use the subgroups method to get a list of all subgroups of G. For each subgroup H in the list, you check if H is isomorphic to Q using the is_isomorphic method. If you find a subgroup that is isomorphic to Q, you can print the subgroup and a message indicating that you found a subgroup isomorphic to the quaternion group.

Please see the following code:

Q = QuaternionGroup()
G = DihedralGroup(12)
subgroups = G.subgroups()
for H in subgroups:
    if H.is_isomorphic(Q):
        print(f'Found a subgroup {H} isomorphic to the quaternion group!')