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I suppose that you are doing something like :

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
myplot = plt.plot(yadda, yadda, yadda)

The help for (available by typing states, among other not unintersing things :

Signature:*, block=None)
   Display all open figures.

   block : bool, optional
      Whether to wait for all figures to be closed before returning.

      If True block and run the GUI main loop until all figure windows
      are closed.

      If False ensure that all figure windows are displayed and return
      immediately.  In this case, you are responsible for ensuring
      that the event loop is running to have responsive figures.

      Defaults to True in non-interactive mode and to False in
      interactive mode (see .pyplot.isinteractive).

   ion : Enable interactive mode, which shows / updates the figure
      every plotting command, so that calling "show()" is not

   ioff : Disable interactive mode. savefig : Save the figure to an
   image file instead of showing it on screen.

Is that illumination enough ?