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Maybe this will help to someone. I dont have a Mac but in Ubuntu I do the following (and probably it works also in any other system): what I do is to link sagemath to a previous installation of jupyter in the system, to do this I just need first to delete any previous kernel of sagemath in Jupyter (if there is someone), running

jupyter kernelspec uninstall name-of-old-sagemath-kernel

in a terminal, but previously I run

jupyter kernelspec list

to know the kernels installed in jupyter. Once I have uninstalled from jupyter any old kernel of sagemath then I install the new one, running

jupyter kernelspec install --user /home/Masacroso/Documents/SageMath/local/share/jupyter/kernels/sagemath/

where I had sagemath unzipped in the folder /home/Masacroso/Documents/Sagemath. Then when I run jupyter lab from a terminal then one of the supported languages is sagemath.