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You have to add xmin=-pi/4, xmax=pi/4 to one of the the text pictures you are adding with the parametric_plot e.g.:

cs_01 = parametric_plot([fresnel_cos(t), fresnel_sin(t)], (t, -1.5*pi, 1.5*pi), ticks=[pi/8, 0.2], tick_formatter=[pi, None], axes_labels=['$x(t)$', '$y(t)$'], axes_labels_size=1.5, plot_points=500, xmin=-pi/4, xmax=pi/4, ymin=-0.8, ymax=0.8, fontsize=12)
cs_01_text_01 = text(r'$x(t) = \int_0^t\cos(\frac{\pi u^2}{2})du$', (-pi/2,0.8), fontsize=13, color='black', xmin=-pi/4, xmax=pi/4, bounding_box={'boxstyle':'round', 'fc':(0.9,0.9,0.9), 'ec':'w'})
cs_01_text_02 = text(r'$y(t) = \int_0^t\sin(\frac{\pi u^2}{2})du$', (-pi/2,0.4), fontsize=13, color='black', bounding_box={'boxstyle':'round', 'fc':(0.9,0.9,0.9), 'ec':'w'})
cs_01_text_03 = text('Clothoid or Cornu spiral', (0, 1.15), fontsize=14, color='black', fontweight='bold')
cs_01 + cs_01_text_01 + cs_01_text_02 + cs_01_text_03

I would say there is a wrong design somewhere.